About the Artist

My life’s purpose is to inspire others through my voice and my personal journey. My personal experience has been one of remaining silent and not feeling listened to. Since I was a child, these tendencies have shown up in many areas of my life. Today, as a liberated woman, I am now empowered to share my journey through my art.

I want to see myself in each step of the personal journey I've gone through.  My goal for this collection is to have others see themselves in each piece, too. If you can picture yourself in this collection, I’ve done my job as an artist.

butterfly art front cover for walking powerfully journal



A 90-day journal designed to help you gain clarity, courage, confidence, and consistency to step out of your old story and walk powerfully into your new story.

Throughout the journal, are pieces of inspirational art from The Butterfly Collection. I created this art during my own transformation, and, I share them with you as a visual representation of the different stages we each pass through on our life journey. Each step is a transformation, moving us out of the old and into the new. It is my honor to share these steps with you as you intentionally create a life you love.


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"Peace comes from within."  ~ Buddha