About the Artist

My life’s purpose is to inspire others through my voice and my personal journey. My personal experience has been one of remaining silent and not feeling listened to. Since I was a child, these tendencies have shown up in many areas of my life. Today, as a liberated woman, I am now empowered to share my journey through my art.

I want to see myself in each step of the personal journey I've gone through.  My goal for this collection is to have others see themselves in each piece, too. If you can picture yourself in this collection, I’ve done my job as an artist.

butterfly art front cover for walking powerfully journal



A 90-day journal designed to help you gain clarity, courage, confidence, and consistency to step out of your old story and walk powerfully into your new story.

Experience a profound transformation in your life, business, and relationships through this unique guided journaling process, adorned with visionary artwork, daily practices, rituals, reflections, affirmations, and more.

 Inside the journal, you will find:

  • 3 vision boards so you can get clear on your dreams and goals
  • Morning and evening rituals to help you start and end the day on a high vibration and create a mindful lifestyle
  • Affirmations to empower and inspire you daily
  • Practical exercises to release what is no longer serving you and rewrite your new life story
  • Intentions, manifestations, and mantras to use in your journey to self-actualization
  • Gratitude practices to invite more of the good stuff into your life
  • Weekly and monthly reflections so you can see what is shifting for you and where you need to focus
  • Daily prompts and worksheets to help you build confidence, clarity, and consistency in your growth

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"Peace comes from within."  ~ Buddha